Established in 2003, Sharper Image Floors Pvt Ltd has become a prominent global supplier of premium construction materials. Focused on establishing a strong presence within residential and commercial construction sectors, the company is renowned for delivering top-quality products such as wooden flooring, wall paneling, laminate flooring, WPC louvers, cladding louvers, artificial grass, and much more. Sharper Image Floors exemplifies durability and reliability, offering comprehensive resources for installation, maintenance,and product information.
By launching Sharper Image Floors in the Indian market, we have tried to give our Indian customer, a one-stop solution for their flooring needs. The product profile of Sharper Image Floors Pvt. Ltd. Includes Wooden Laminated Floorings, Hardwood Flooring, Imported Hardwood Flooring, and Parquet Flooring. All these products are brought to India from the best companies in the world. Wooden Laminated Flooring meets all the criteria of modern living. Stronger and more durable than conventional floors, its surface withstands the rigors of day-to-day life efficiently. It is totally maintenance-free (no Waxing, Sanding etc.) & hygienic.
The World over wooden flooring has replaced traditional marble and stone as the choice for interiors in man’s constant search for a more functionally evolved and aesthetically superior floor surface material. Sharper Image’s range of Wooden Laminated Floors, manufactured with the latest and the best technologies, are resistant to scratch, Stain, Fade, Pressure Marks, Termites, house-hold chemicals and slip. Being non-conductor of heat and electricity you can loiter around your sweet home without feeling the pinch of cool winters or heat of harsh summers. The product has been manufactured keeping drastic Indian climate in mind. Thus the floor offers extra protection against moisture. This company boasts of professionally trained installers who give you floor absolutely world-class. The Company has tie-up with Alsafloor, France whereby they provide the best flooring material in India. The product comes with a warranty of 15-25 Years.
Hardwood flooring is in vogue since time immemorial. However, Sharper Image Floors Pvt. Ltd. has endeavored to bring this timeless beauty to your homes with ease and at a very modest price. You can get your size of wooden planks in any species namely, Central Province Teak, Burma Teak , Mahogany , Steam Beech , Spelly etc. So with Sharper Image Floors Pvt. Ltd. You are sure to get your flooring best, as Sharper Image Floors Pvt. Ltd. do the finest flooring in the land.
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